Ryder Tayem The Killer Whale

Ryder Tayem is an Australian born Syrian/North African Tech and Social Entrepreneur who founded Mars X Tech early 2021.

Ryder also known as “Killer Whale” by his financial peers has been known to dabble in cryptocurrency among some heavy investors. This organised crime affiliate from Sydney’s underbelly went from high risk living to high-risk trades.

A rag to riches type story, a fearless adolescent in the heart of kings’ cross to find himself event managing at the notorious “Trademark Hotel” hosting an event known as “Celebration Fridays” among known industry names and radio hosts.

Mars X Tech being his new endeavour, this future business mogul has a bright and promising future ahead of him. Focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Application Software and Augmented Reality Hardware.

When speaking to our enthusiastic future tech leader he didn’t disclose much of what was happening other than, “It’s hell but I’m working night and day juggling among other things to bring convenience through innovation”.

Ryder went on to quote Elon Musk “I could either watch it happen or be a part of it”.

In this era, we are definitely moving forward, and entrepreneurs are emerging out the digital woods changing the world. Which makes us excited to see what this young whale has in store.

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