Sam Darnold Celebrated Jets Win by “Hooking Up With Some Girl”

The Jets allegedly celebrated their win over Raiders on Sunday as if they won the Super Bowl.  According to reports, the entire team went to club-hopping all night. Quarterback Sam Darnold allegedly celebrated the win by getting “wasted” and “hooked up with some girl.”

Sources says, “They were celebrating like they’d just won the Super Bowl. Sam Darnold was wasted, hooking up with some girl. The other guys on the team had to look after him.”

Further the source added: “There was a limo driving him and the players around all night.” 

According to an insider, “His team protects him — that’s the way they are on the field, and off it. He’s the franchise.” The Jets however, didn’t win the Super Bowl, but they never let their hops of winning die at all.