Saudi Architectural Consultant Designing Around the World

Organic Architecture has been in the world for quite some time now. The world has been changing in every aspect, and architecture has followed the same path. Most architects have mastered the art of making environmentally integrated structures in order to protect nature. The goal of organic architecture is to unify spaces and creates a system that does not change natural features.

 One of the most well-known companies known for this design in the Middle East is INJ architects. In their most notable projects, they have worked hard to ensure they attain sustainability through organic architecture. 

In an interview with one of their major design architects Carlos, he said, “the company’s interest has been majorly on combining art, design and both conceptual and organic architecture. We believe in getting the best structure without losing the eminence of natural features like hills, rivers, and shorelines.” This way, the company has managed to create a distinction in architectural forms adding a special and distinctive character as well as making new land shapes. 

The company has grown interested towards conceptual design, which depends on architectural research and computer design, one of the models of the modern development of contemporary architecture. Additionally, this design form is considered a type of art because it is linked to digital architecture. Through organic architecture, the company will create great conceptual architectural designs. According to Carlos, the land is supposed to be the basic unit of architecture, and every conceptual design we make should originate from it.”

 This is one of the sources of attraction for architecture and design, and most companies are trying to combine the two to make the best structures. At Inj, every design is made carefully with eminent detail and the goal to fit inhabitants’ needs. 

As sustainability grows in every aspect of life, INJ architects have not been left behind; they have strived to create modern designs without putting aside aesthetics. “We have sure that all our structures respect organic architecture and design without forgetting aesthetics. Our team has worked hard making contemporary buildings and structures into successful artworks.” Ibrahim Nawaf, the CEO at INJ mentioned in one of his interviews. 

The company has long-term goals to illuminate organic themes through conceptual designs of art. “As a team, we are working towards bringing out desired mood and true emotions in people through construction. We have learned that it’s all about its all about feeling, and once you see a well-conceptualized building, you more likely to feel good or beautiful,” Carlos mentioned in his interview. 

Although the method of bringing out emotions might seem impossible with a dream, anything can be nurtured into a strong concept. The future of INJ architects is very promising and a great way to explore the depths of design. As they have mentioned before, the only way the company can achieve this is by research. Even though we have a team of very talented architects, we research every day and collaborate with other professionals to grow.” 

With the effort the company has made globally, the future looks very bright for them. 
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