Shannon Quinn Releases Edgy New Single “Hate You”

Country-Rock singer/songwriter and recording artist Shannon Quinn returns to the music scene for the first time since 2020! Her new single “Hate You” is now available on all streaming platforms and can be heard HERE!

With gut-wrenching lyrics like burned me down to the lowest wick, had to get in that last kick, and all I want to do is hate you, but it’s something I’ll never do, “Hate You” tells the story of a broken relationship, detailing all the emotions that coincide with it.

“This song was written during quarantine, a time when I think a lot of artists had time to really sit with their feelings and do their best work,” Shannon explains. “The song came to me from feelings of betrayal; I was so angry and hurt, but I couldn’t stop caring about this person. No matter what they did or the pain they inflicted upon me, I simply couldn’t hate them, no matter what I tried. I hope these lyrics and music speak to each person who listens and I hope they know that it’s okay to not have feelings of hatred for someone who hurt you.” 

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