Shojon releases 411 Legacy EP 

Shojon’s back with new “411 legacy” EP in which he boastfully demonstrates how he went from a record and film producer to an acting and modelling career with intent next to none.

The media studio owner John Shownmi, now creative artiste Shojon, appeared in several brand commercials shown nationwide, Nescafe and FIFA to mention a couple.

The award winning creative’s “411 Legacy EP” is 4 tracks and 11 minutes of Afrobeat-Afroswing songs that feature the narratives of Intent, spirit and fortitude throughout continuing the trend amongst Shojon works, combining mental health and the creative arts for mental awareness.

You can listen to the 411 Legacy EP Her

You can connect with Shojon via website, Tiktok, Instagram @shojon_g, Spotify @Shojon