Six Picture Books Told in Verse That are Perfect for any Story Time Event

As someone who has organized storytimes for children and read books aloud over and over to squirming toddlers I can tell you right now, I’ll pick up a book written in rhyme over anything else every time. The words flow off the page. The children will sit riveted to the story and it’s almost always a success. This is a list of some newer titles from the last two years worth finding if you have a class or a group you’ll be reading to any time soon. They also work well on zoom if you’re trying to entertain very young students through a screen.

Andy and The Pharaoh’s Cat by Carolyn Watson Dubisch

A sneaky cat leads our hero, Andy,  on an adventure through ancient Egypt. The rhymes are very good and the illustrations are lovely and detailed. I actually read the earlier book in the Andy’s Adventures series to my own children when they were small and I was thrilled to see a new book in this series. This book is great fun.

The Masterpiece by Jay Miletsky, Illustrated by Luis Peres

The illustrations in this book are stunning and the theme is perfect for little ones. Working together the studio paint brush characters paint a beautiful canvas. In the story some characters paint in circles or splatter the paint, but no one gets upset and it all comes together to make an incredible painting. Great characterization and kids will want to create their own masterpiece after reading this!

Hall-O-Ween by Tia Perkin

A wonderful book for a fall event. Tia Perkin’s story has all the wonderful noises and treats and mystery that make Halloween great for little ones. Pumpkin carving, trick or treating and a Frankenstein will make you wish it was already here.  The illustrations are charming and the design of the book is flawless. This book is also part of a series and has another title coming soon.

Bunnies on The Bus by Philip Ardagh, Illustrated by Ben Mantle

This book is a manic and frenzied ride through “Sunny Town”. The rhyming is repetitive and fun to read and the illustrations can keep kids just riveted to this story. I just want to note,  I really, really love the art in this one. It is just what the title says, there are bunnies on the bus!!

Come Dance With Me! By Melissa Lavi, Illustrated by Ela Ward

Come dance with me is full of wiggles and jiggles and will get your class or group moving and dancing in no time. The illustrations are perfect and full of expression and the rhythm of the story is easy to latch onto when reading aloud. Definitely a must have for any storytime event.

After Squidnight by Jonathan E Fenske

Another one for Halloween. The squids creep in from the sea in the night, through the windows and decorate the house with their ink masterpieces. The atmosphere is dark and creepy but fun and the art is fantastic with it’s limited colors. I just bought this one and the kids always love it!

Amelia Brown

Amelia is a writer for Blackbird News. She has a degree in communications from Bristol University. Amelia enjoys publishing on celebrities, television and movies. In her spare time, she enjoys designing quirky clothing.

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