Social critic ‘Luring Lady’ says the bond release of the killer is injustice for cousin’s fatal shooting

Luring Lady’s ability to write with compassionate, brilliant prose about topics such as politics, racism, and criminal justice has earned enemies as well as fans. But now, the social critic has a new crusade—Justice for her cousin.

Denisha Williams was a hairdresser and a mother of three. Summer vacation had just ended when the young woman was shot and killed. Now, months later, her loved ones feel like she is being victimized by the justice system.

“The republicans in charge in the state of Georgia have the power to stand up for my cousin but they are not doing it,” said Luring Lady.

On September 3, 2022, Denisha Williams worked as an exotic dancer at a club in Valdosta, Georgia. It was there that she took her last stand.

“Jacquez Jelks, who is the father of her child, entered the club and shot her multiple times,” Luring Lady said in a phone interview. “He shot her slowly. Witnesses said there were pauses in between the gunfire.”

According to court documents, Jacquez Jelks was charged with Malice Murder, which could result in the death penalty. Just three months after the murder, Jacquez Jelks was released on a $200,000 bond.

Luring Lady blames the Valdosta Police Department for that decision; she believes their delay in turning over evidence is what granted a bond. “If an inmate isn’t indicted within 90 days, the state must grant bond. I would like to believe race doesn’t play a role in this, but I am sure that anyone who has ever murdered a white person was indicted right away. But since this was black-on-black, officials do not care.”

Luring Lady expressed that she is upset, angry and frustrated, after contacting the prosecutor on the case—Zachary Register—as well as several Valdosta news organizations and getting no response. In her mind, a black-on-black crime isn’t significant enough to ignite media attention.

Luring Lady says her family has been living the nightmare of the killing; they’ve received hateful Facebook messages from people affiliated with Jacquez Jelks and his girlfriend Tyronda Walker.

“They are celebrating the fact that my cousin is dead, and Tyronda Walker’s family treats us like we did something wrong,” said Luring Lady. “Jacquez Jelks’ family is just as bad. Immediately after Denisha was killed, his relatives went and stole all her belongings from her house. It takes a special demon to steal a dead person’s stuff.”

Luring Lady is now calling for prosecutor Zachary Register to take a look at the bond terms or ask the FBI to investigate to find out if there is a civil rights violation.