Some Vital Hair Care Practices Men Should Incorporate

Most men opt for haircuts that require low maintenance. However, they seem to think that low-maintenance means ‘no maintenance’. Your hair barely coming up to 3 or 4 inches is no excuse to neglect it. It is still prone to split-ends, frizz, and other bad stuff that generally plagues hair.

Hence, consider incorporating these hair care practices if you want your hair to look good. That is, of course, if you haven’t already done so. The said hair care practices include the following in no particular order of importance:

1. Choose Your Haircuts Wisely

There are a few factors to consider before you choose a haircut. The most important is styling time, especially if your lifestyle or career leaves you little to no time to fuss over your hair. In that case, it would be best to choose a haircut you can comfortably manage. Don’t pick a style that’ll leave you searching for styling shortcuts that could damage your hair.

Also, try to consider your hair type. For instance, textured hair requires more tender loving care. Therefore, you have to choose haircuts that do not require much manipulation when styling.

Buzz cuts and crew cuts are perfect examples of haircuts that require little to no styling. Unlike buzz cuts, crew cuts can be modified to fit any face shape. You can check out this WiseBarber article on crew cut haircut examples.

2. Pick the Right Products for Your Hair Type and Use Them Properly

From shampoos to pomades, these products have various types on the market that cater to different hair types. Hence, it is essential to know your hair type and only use the appropriate products.

Now it’s one thing to buy the right products. It’s a horse of another color to use them the way you’re supposed to. 

The whole point of shampooing your hair is to keep your scalp clean and get rid of product build-up. However, you don’t have to do it daily. That is because shampoos can be quite stripping for the hair. Also, ensure that you condition your hair every time you shampoo it. That helps restore the lost moisture and natural oils present in the hair before shampooing. 

Bear in mind that the longer the hair, the more the conditioner you massage into it. For textured hair types, using a leave-in conditioner afterward is vital. Then you can proceed to seal in the moisture with oils or pomades of your choice.

3. Take Regular Trips to the Barbers

When you visit your barber’s at least once a month, it benefits you in some ways. The most obvious is the aesthetic benefit of having neat outlines and freshly cut hair.

However, those cuts and trims don’t just improve the outward appearance of your hair. They equally improve its health. After getting a haircut, your hair’s exposure to various phenomena can weaken the strands at the ends. Snipping off those ends will rid the hair of potential split ends and damage.

 4. Invest in Protective Headwear

Exposure to the sun is not ideal for your hair’s health. So also is exposure to extreme cold during the winter. Try to invest in caps and men’s beanie hats.

Even when you go swimming, I’d advise you to put on a swim cap. Most swimming pools are treated with chlorine which is stripping for your hair and scalp. So it would be best if you protect your precious strands before diving into any pool.


Haircare is a journey, especially when trying to retain a healthy length. Therefore, you should be consistent. All these practices might seem like a chore, but you must do what you must to get results. I wish you luck!