Son of Mars releases new single “Watch Yourself” off his latest EP Son of Mars

Stephon Peters-Smith, known professionally as Son of Mars is a rapper, record producer and songwriter. Known for his high energy and 90s styled rhythms. He was Born and raised in the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Mars initially began gaining underground recognition as a rapper after signing with FamilyOverGold in 2019.
Son of Mars released his debut EP “Son of Mars” in late 2019

The EP is a classic piece of work that is sure to age well in the career of Son of Mars. The EP was composed by producer Ricky Johnson and Son of Mars. The artist wrote and recorded the EP himself, while still attending the University of Rochester. The EP contains three tracks “First Born, Watch Yourself, and Anakin.” The production would suggest a new blend of melodies, some branching out of the trap genre and into something else entirely. The constantly shifting, high hat patterns are welcoming, but the ear grabbers are the rough synths and pulsing bass-lines. Those are what’s most likely to bring you back. Along with the melodies, the lyrics are delivered in a way that almost glides over the production, a song on this EP could easily fit on your nightlife playlist. 

Son of Mars the EP is often compared with the raw energy of the 2000s mixtapes, and amateurism that you would expect out of an up-and-coming artist. 

The EP started to gain speed just a few short weeks after its release. After signing with FamilyOverGold Son of Mars linked up Grammy nominated engineer Jack Brown in mid 2020. Mars’ aspirations have grown further, as he is hard at work on his debut mixtape due for release next year.

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