Sophia Dias Tells All In Riveting Bullet Proof Autobiography

Chicago based designer, chef and recording artiste, Sophia Dias, is excited to share her life story with the world with her new ‘Blindee Preuve’ (Bullet Proof) biography currently available on Amazon for digital purchase.

The tell all Biography is part of the Bullet Proof trilogy; which also includes her 7 track album recorded at Tuff Gong studios in Jamaica, as well as Screenplay in development.

Sophia believes the Bullet Proof Biography is relatable even to Jamaicans who are going through their own struggles and depression and may not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Bullet Proof is also a story of hope, showing that despite the oppression, it is possible to rise above all.

“It’s really a story of hope, no matter what trials you may be facing there is a possibility of healing. The trauma and suffering that I endured and rose above it through inner strength, God’s blessings and help from people across the globe is a testimony to inspire others,” Sophia shared

Sophia is raw and honest about her life, marriage and work; detailing abuse, abandonment and moving from being a multi-millionaire to extreme poverty in one fail swoop. She believes the title for the autobiography, album and movie – Bullet Proof – is quite fitting as she felt horrifically attacked as though she was facing a firing squad and that the financial, physical and emotional cruelty was designed by her tormentors to crush her spirit.

“I believe that people should read my book as it show several characters, whose only resolve was to oppress me, to isolate me from society and to cause me in-imaginable suffering on a day to day basis. Telling my story was liberating; the past no longer defines me, it took tremendous amount of courage and discipline to rise and create a new life for myself. I have moved on to a happier, peaceful place in my life with my 4 pet family. I continue to thrive on helping others,” Sophia added

Sophia believes persons should read ‘Blindee Preuve’ (Bullet Proof) and look for the toxic signs in others, do their best to help those being hurt and stand up against any form of abuse; emotional, financial or physical.

Sophia is currently in Jamaica working on visuals for the Bullet Proof album as well as organizing her charity culinary event to benefit the Women’s Centre in Kingston Jamaica this Christmas.

For more information about Author Sophia Dias and her latest book BULLET PROOF don’t forget to check her Amazon Author Page

Check about the book here:

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