Spader Speaks On His Summer Single, Come Close Featuring Sammy Adams

Spader Said – Come Close helps me describe all the feelings I have in a relationship when it comes to loving a girl. The song gives the fans an idea of the flaws I have and what comes with loving someone like me. It takes a real one to ride for the other person and love for not just the good, but the bad. Not all relationships are perfect 100% of the time. Just gotta find the one that’s worth it.

So once I played the Instrumental for Come Close I got summer vibes right off the bat. I knew I had to hit up Sammy Adams right away. Once we both got in the studio and laid the song down I knew it was a smash. He took the record to a whole new level. On top of all that we finished it super quick. The most important thing about what we do is having fun and enjoying the moment in which we’re creating something so nostalgic.

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