Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant’s Sarcastic Announcement Goes Viral on Social Media

A Spirit Airlines flight attendant is making waves on social media after delivering a sarcastic speech criticizing her own airline company just minutes after take-off. The incident occurred on a flight from Dallas to Los Angeles, and was captured on video by a passenger and posted on TikTok.

The flight attendant began her announcement by informing passengers that the airline did not provide sockets to charge their phones, adding that if they did, Spirit would charge them. She went on to say that the airline also did not offer blankets, reclining seats or ear plugs.

The passengers responded positively to her announcement, with some laughing and applauding. In response, the flight attendant continued, saying that if Spirit did offer these amenities, they would likely charge for them and give passengers something to complain about.

The flight attendant did point out that ice was the only free item on board the flight. She concluded her announcement by encouraging passengers to “sit back, relax and enjoy” their flight.

The video of the announcement has garnered over 200,000 views on TikTok and has sparked conversation about the quality of service provided by budget airlines. Despite the humorous tone of the announcement, it does raise important questions about the services offered by airlines and the true cost of budget travel.