Stand Up Therapeutics signed with VectorBuilder for paraplegia gene therapy supply

Stand Up Therapeutics Co., Ltd. cures paralysis caused by spinal cord injury through gene therapy. Stand Up Therapeutics hired VectorBuilder Inc., a world leader in gene delivery technology, to build a GMP-grade gene delivery system. The business wanted to create a gene delivery method.

VectorBuilder manufactures viral and non-viral gene delivery vectors. It has locations in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Israel. The company has many locations worldwide, including its headquarters in Chicago. North America, Europe, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, and Israel. Academics worldwide use more than 80,000 original vectors each year. VectorBuilder sells gene therapy products and delivery systems to more than 50,000 consumers and tens of thousands of universities each year. These customers and institutions include famous pharmaceutical and educational companies. We offer gene therapy services and goods.

Stand Up Therapeutics can have VectorBuilder manufacture and commercialise any future gene therapy products it designs. To dominate global trade.

Bruce Lahn, VectorBuilder’s head scientist: “VectorBuilder may invest in Stand Up Therapeutics since it wants to apply its gene therapy to treat paralysis worldwide. Given VectorBuilder’s status as a pioneer in GMP gene delivery vectors, I believe the business can make this product available to Stand Up for Patients chapters worldwide.”

Stand Up Therapeutics is the only firm with the technology to heal paralysed patients with fractured spinal cords, according to CEO and neurosurgeon Dr. JunsangYoo (STUP-001). Stand Up Therapeutics employees are working to find a cure for traumatic paralysis. Stand Up Therapeutics plans to use direct cross-differentiation PIPELINE technology to develop Parkinson’s disease (STUP-002), stroke (STUP-003), spinal stenosis (STUP-004), and myocardial infarction (STUP-005) medicines in the future.

IIT Clinical will initiate phase I/IIa research on STUP-001 in the first three months of 2023. Four paraplegics will participate. (SCI).

Example: Stand Up Therapeutics Co.

Stand Up Therapeutics develops fibroblast-to-motor-neuron in vivo gene therapy for nerve cell regeneration. These treatments are cutting-edge. Stand Up Therapeutics’ direct lineage reprogramming technique helps paralysed patients. Direct lineage reprogramming will treat spinal cord and brain injuries. 1.9% of the world’s population has HIV/AIDS. Stand Up Therapeutics can extend its pipeline if it can enhance direct reprogramming and gene therapy.

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