“Stay home and make the best out of it,” says Ritika Gulati, Fitness & Nutrition Specialist

Renowned Fitness & Nutrition Specialist in India, Ritika Gulati, who has been featured in numerous news channels came forward to speak about COVID – 19. 

Ritika in a statement said, “The situation is really grave and we all should make sure that we do not come in contact with too many people.”

She further said, “People should understand that coming in contact with other people can worsen the situation. You never know whether the other person is free from infection or not as the symptoms of COVID – 19 start to display only after few days. You can never predict who in the crowd is already affected by the virus, so it’s better to stay home.”  

“I am really surprised to see people taking this situation as the reason to travel distant places for excursion. And I am talking about people who are well-educated and are aware of the situation very well. Probably they have already assumed that nothing is going to happen them,” said Ritika, “We should never underestimate what all happened in Italy. The moment Italian Government announced shut down, people there started to meet each other, social gatherings increased due to which the whole situation became dire. We all should learn from them and avoid going out as much as possible.”

Ritika also said, “Kudos to the government and medical practitioners, who are already doing their best to handle the situation. Now it is our duty to support the government and understand that not adhering to the government’s indicatives can make situation alarming beyond measures.”

She urged people to stay home, stay safe, enjoy time with family, do exercise, eat healthy and make the best out of this FAMILY TIME!