Strategies To Keep Hold Of Your Top Performers

Do you struggle to keep hold of your top performers? This is a common problem that many businesses have, especially smaller companies that may not be able to match the salary that a larger company could offer. When a business struggles to retain its top performers, it can suffer in more ways than one. Employee turnover can be costly, result in downtime and make it hard to enjoy any kind of consistency. So, what can a business do to improve employee retention? There are a few strategies to use that should help you to keep hold of your top performers and enjoy continuity.

Offer Desirable Benefits

It is important that you are able to offer competitive salaries, but you might find that adding desirable benefits will encourage employees to stick around. Keep in mind that different generations may desire different benefits, so this needs to be considered when coming up with ideas. Some of the most universally desired benefits include:

  • Insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Flexible work
  • Early Friday finishes
  • Wellness programs

Career Development

Often, employees will leave a business so that they can advance their careers and reach the next step. If they are able to do this within a company they already work for, this can be a lot easier (if they enjoy working at the company). Therefore, it is important to offer career development opportunities to your team. You should discuss career goals with each team member and then find ways to help them to achieve this at your organization.

Improve The Employee Experience

The employee experience also needs to be considered. You will want to find ways to improve the employee experience through each step of their journey, which should keep staff happy and improve performance. You can use employee experience software from specialists like Simpplr that can improve internal comms, improve transparency and use data to help you to fine-tune and find ways to improve the employee experience. Overall, this software can help businesses to overcome many common challenges relating to communicating and managing employees,which should improve employee retention and performance.

Create A Culture

You want your employees to see their job not only as a way to make money but also as a part of their lifestyle. People spend a huge amount of time at work and with colleagues, so you want to try and create a positive culture that they can be a part of. There are a few ways to build a positive culture, including:

  • Team building
  • Social events
  • Collaborative projects
  • Open communication
  • Flexible working
  • Support

Provide A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Finally, it is important to provide a healthy work-life balance for your team. This has been a major talking point in recent times and a reason why many people have been resigning. Offering remote/hybrid work is one of the best ways to improve work-life balance, but you also need to make sure that your team has a manageable workload so that they can make the most out of their free time.

If you struggle to keep hold of your top performers, then these are the strategies that you will want to use that will help you to improve retention levels.