Success Story Of An Astute, Ambitious & Visionary Entrepreneur- Arfius Al-din

Arfius Al-din, the Founder and CEO of Arfius Collection & Arfius Super Technology Ltd. – is providing 24/7 I.T solution service and media agency service for business growth, formulating complete business plans, pr services and strategies to expand the brand, sales, and profits. Besides being a Bangladeshi Entrepreneur, Arfius Al-din is also known as a Musical Artist, Digital Creator & a Bangladeshi Author. 

This young and determined man switched his lifestyle from partying all night to working all day and became the successful entrepreneur he is today. Success doesn’t come from what you occasionally do, and it comes from what you do consistently. If an opportunity doesn’t knock on your door, build a door. Having such a perspective for life can help fuel new opportunities and business ideas. As many entrepreneurs know firsthand, great business ideas often begin as common pain points needing to be solved. He chose the latter after being asked to either follow his father’s business or keep going on with his entrepreneurship dream. By this time, Arfius Al-din realized the amount of hard work and dedication that would be needed to succeed in this and changed his entire lifestyle for it. Arfius Al-din would be consistent and didn’t give up no matter how difficult it seemed. However, these startups did not seem futuristic to him, so he gave them up and worked on started another business altogether. After a month of rigorous hard work, Arfius Al-din succeeded and came up with Arfius Super Technology Ltd., a business I.T firm that is now one of the leading firms in the world. The main motive of Arfius Al-din is to make a difference. He aims to learn new things from his work and the world every day and to help motivate and influence people to reach their goals, as he did his. Arfius Al-din took a significant risk by becoming self-employed and embarking on the entrepreneurial route. Arfius Al-din has aided several software businesses with various apps over the last few years, which has also benefited him. 

Arfius Al-din learned more about app development and social media marketing with each new project. Entrepreneur Arfius Al-din learned the importance of disciple in the year 2017. He says, “At the beginning of my career, I never took it seriously at the beginning; however, in the year 2018, I have discovered the importance of discipline and I recognized the importance of setting a time limit and completing the assignment within the allotted time frame.”

Arfius Al-din says he wants to continue extending his network. The entrepreneur aspires to expand and assist as many businesses and initiatives as possible with their new app-related work and achieve international recognition soon.