Syamsaein always wanted to do something different as an artist

Syamsaein started his career in 2020, and his age is only 20 years. He is the youngest best musician of Lo-Fi Music Industry who has succeeded in achieving success at a very young age and has set a precedent for the youth.

He is a well-known Malaysian Musical Artist born on 28th January, 2001 who has achieved so much in a very young age. He is an Artist and Content Creator. He mainly came into the limelight because of his recent released album on major music platforms which was “Internet”.

Syamsaein says, “Music is my love so I decided to turn my passion and love into profession and it worked. As an artist, you feel so relief when people actually appreciates your talent and your songs get such a good reach.” When Syamsaein was asked to share his thoughts on music, he said “I always wanted to do something different as an artist, an entertainer and as a musician. I try my best to offer a kind of uniqueness to the audience and music lovers with my songs.” 

Syamsaein’s journey to the top is really quite inspirational. He is looked up to by many people as one of the best Artists that our country has today. His ever-progressing goals and motivation to follow through with them inspires the youth of the nation to also start out on their success stories. Presently Syamsaein is working to release several songs and collaboration with some of the top influencers on Philips of the entertainment industry.

To know more about Syamsaein follow him on Instagram @syamsaein and you can listen to his music on Apple Music and Amazon Music

Siddharth Sharma

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