Systovis: A True Hidden Gem In The Music Industry

Systovis, an independent Hip-Hop/Rap artist, has been making some noise in the underground music scene of the Midwest. The St. Louis native possesses the “wow factor”, along with many other attributes that cater to all the genres’ hierarchy. When listening to this artist, you’re instantly drawn to his resonating vocals within his unique melodies. Apart from the singing, Systovis has some of the most clever and witty bars in the game. The artist focuses on both lyricism and originality within his music, and it is safe to say that “he has his own sound”. There is no doubt that Systovis will be a big name in the industry, and it is only a matter of time until that is certified. The underground freshman has landed on Spotify’s Release Radar recently, and was able to gain many monthly listeners, as well as build his impressive following on Instagram of over 50k followers. This is very impressive, taking into consideration that he started making music professionally only 16 months ago. 

This artist’s work ethic is unmatched. The man is constantly making new music or new content every day. He is very interactive with his following and loves to help others who are equally as talented and passionate about music. Systovis also has a very respectable brand. His brand stands for 4 main values which are the following: Individuality, Diligence, Manifestation, and Free-Will. When listening to his catalogue, you can hear these 4 views plain and clear.

The Midwest rapper has an album set to release this month called “Armageddon”. This album is filled with storytelling, the artist’s views on the current world, a burning passion for the love of making music, and just overall iconic vibes. Make sure to check out Systovis on your music platform of choice and follow him on social media!