Taiwan’s Award-Winning Winemaker Is Set To Revive The Fading Tradition

Taiwan is famous for its thriving food scene centered on traditional night markets, which draws tourists from across the world. Apart from this, it also makes an award-winning whiskey, Kavalan, which is not very popular amongst wine enthusiasts.

The 52-year-old, winemaker, Chen Chien-hao has won gold medals at a prestigious competition in Paris this year for making red and white wines in central Taiwan. 

In an interview, Chen said, “I’m initiating a revolution called the Taiwan wine spirit renaissance.”

Chen further added, “Competitions offer a platform to boost international visibility. We are trying to give new life to Taiwan’s wine culture. Because now we have new equipment, new wine-making techniques, we will revive this culture.”

Six thousand bottles of award-winning wines are produced every year, based on a Black Queen varietal, which was first developed by Japanese scientists. The bottles are priced at T$3,000 ($102) each. 

The award-winning winemaker who studied wine-making techniques at the France’s University of Burgundy is all set to revive the fading tradition.