Takiyah Denise A Curve Model and Influencer Star

Meet Takiyah Denise, a 23 year old Curve Model and Influencer Star. She’s a social media sensation! You know her as the Fashion Queen, self love, and body positivity influencer. Who consistently talks about being yourself and loving yourself to her audience. Takiyah Denise has hundreds of thousands loyal followers who look up to her and really enjoy the content she shares. She shows us to never let anyone’s negativity bring us down and to keep loving ourselves in our own skin.

Takiyah Denise not only is a Curve Model and Influencer, but she also helps many others to become one as well. Her site takiyahdenise.com shows how she offers services to become influencers and even mentors many! She’s a true inspiration to young adults and higher ups. She has worked and still is working very hard to continue to reach her goals! She has been in Elle UK, Gmaro Magazine, The Model Experience for LA Fashion Week, and along with many other brands. She has done so much for what she does and is making a huge impact with Curve Models and Petite Models. She’s changing the narrative that you can be anything you want to be if you put your mind to it.

Being considered a plus size influencer and model comes with a lot of rude comments. But Takiyah Denise speaks her mind and speaks up for many! She stands up for what she believes in and shows off her amazing curves. She doesn’t care about any negative comments and continues to show her love for fashion and art.She continues to spread love and confidence all throughout her content. Even promoting the best brands who provide the same story of confidence is key. Let’s continue to support her and her journey as she does the best she can do by standing up for us flawed people and showing that we are awesome just the way we are.

You can show your support through her socials here!

You can connect with Takiyah Denise on Instagram @takiyahdenise and website www.lemon8-app.com/takiyahdenise?region=us&pid=website_seo_share and Youtube @TakiyahDenise