TaniA Kyllikki, the artist for the people, sings like an angel on What If, feat. Rynellton

Her music career continues to soar with each release as she remains true to herself and earns her stripes in the difficult, filtered music industry in her own unique way. Her in-depth songwriting abilities have earned her the title “Lyrical Genus,” and fans and publications have dubbed her the British songbird for her extraordinarily angelic soulful large vocal range and ability to sing like a bird, similar to the late Minnie Rippeton. 

TaniA has received glowing music reviews and been featured on the front covers of hundreds of publications. Her moving album “Why Chapter One,” released in 2022, debuted at #25 on Amazon’s hot new pop albums chart and remained in the top 100 for more than a month, which is a huge help for an independent artist. She’s even had three-time Grammy winner and R&B singer-songwriter NeYo represent her more uptempo song “Remind Me” to the rest of the world in 2021. TaniA’s music has been played on countless radio stations around the world, and her songs have been viewed and streamed millions of times. H.W.C., released late in 2022, has received a huge amount of positive feedback. Now following behind her new single, “What If,” released in February this year, she is also working on her second album for a late 2023 release.

Behind the scenes of her flourishing music career, TaniA Kyllikki and her producer fiancé, Rynellton, have endured the heartbreaking loss of five babies. The musically powerful duo transformed their tragic loss into a stunning musical masterpiece. What If? for their twins and triplets, Noah, Blair, Lyric, London, and Connor. “We think of you, and then we both cry!” “It hit us so hard, you never had a chance!” As TaniA sings, you can literally feel her heart breaking into a million pieces, yet she pushes on to complete her beautiful song for her babies in heaven. 

Rynellton, an amazing multi-genre music producer who is responsible for a vast majority of TaniA’s music releases, knows just how to maximize TaniA’s lyrics and extraordinary singing powers. TaniA is able to do what she does best, which is sing like an angel with her incredible five-octave vocal range, since he supplies the musical blueprint with all the necessary sounds and emotions for her to shine. It’s like the perfect musical marriage, bringing the best out of each other to create a lasting impression for the world to enjoy.

What If? must be heard by everyone who has experienced the heartbreaking loss of a baby or young child. It is heartwarming what TaniA Kyllikki and Rynellton have done with this song to assist others in healing from similar circumstances.

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