Teen Blurb is Modernizing the Way Gen Z Takes in News

Founded in 2020, Teen Blurb is rapidly growing in the media industry and becoming known as a reliable source for covering the latest trends in culture, gaming, influencers, music and more. From breaking influencer stories and highlighting Tik Tok’s most followed creators Teen Blurb has continued to grow 

In a statement with Influencive Magazine, a Teen Blurb representative said, “Our mission is to recognize notable figures around the globe and allow them to showcase their talent, influence and leadership.” In addition to allowing users to read news on their publication, Teen Blurb has made an effort to share news and trending stories on their Tik Tok. 

Tik Tok has changed the game for the way Gen Z learns, watches entertainment and digests information. Teen Blurb’s strong stance at providing unbiased news through social media has amassed them millions of monthly readers across various platforms.

In specific the company has an extremely strong following on Pinterest where they deliver news on a daily basis and allow users to pin trending articles to boards. They recently highlighted YouTube star Logan Paul and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather who have officially revealed the date for their upcoming fight.

It’s clear that influencers and generation z’s new tactics aren’t going anywhere. With millions of new people joining social media it’s evident that more publications need to start curating news in a new fashion. If you’re interested in checking out Teen Blurb, you can head over to their publication or find them on all social media @TeenBlurb.