The 2021 Creativity Conference: A Virtual Exploration of Creativity

At the end of the day, the synergy between a creative and their muse is unparalleled. Creativity manifests in various forms, whether that be through music, photography, writing, or even hypnotherapy. This year’s Creativity Conference shaped an environment where people could share captivating ideas and promote inspiring stories by connecting creatives from around the globe. 

Usually held in Reykjavík, Iceland, the Creativity Conference took place this year as an online, virtual event, welcoming creatives from around the globe to unite. From August 4-6, the three-day conference consisted of inspiring, engaging, and thought-provoking presentations led by world-class speakers. 

Over the duration of the event, there were three keynotes and 72 live talks. Each session had an uplifting message and encouraged audience members to explore their own creativity and where that creativity originates. The event was also highly inclusive, as attendees were able to engage with fellow participants and speakers to share ideas and ask questions. 

Creatives attending the event included musicians, dancers, designers, photographers, filmmakers, fine artists, authors, and more. Not only did guests learn about the foundations of creativity, but also how elements of the modern world, such as technology impact the creative process. 

At the Conference, there were various presentations covering an array of subjects. Some were more philosophical, some more practical, and others “described personal journeys to find an authentic creative voice. This was not a review of one type of creativity – it was a search for creativity itself.” Every presentation had its own unique perspective and creative voice.

“Rather than exploring techniques, workflows, business skills or branding, speakers explored pure inspiration and the manifestation of that inspiration. Attendees were encouraged to expand their horizons – dancers learned about literature, painters learned about live performance. Some found inspiration in unexpected places – and learned to create in unexpected ways.” 

Pushing the boundaries and trying new things outside of one’s comfort zone were some of the many highlighted concepts throughout the conference. Creatives emphasized that inspiration can be found in unexpected places and can help you learn about yourself and act as a catalyst for personal growth. 

Some themes explored throughout the Conference included fine art, performing arts, music, film, photography, TV, video games, literature, and even the phenomenon of vibrations. 

Registration for the event was completely free and it only took a few seconds to book a ticket for the eye-opening occasion.

The Conference was sponsored by Dell Technologies, NVIDIA, and Intel and is in partnership with Creative 111, Artists United, Raindance, FilmDoo, and Awareness Ties. 

For any and every creative person out there, this was a must attend event. With so many valuable experiences and opportunities to hear from creatives alike, it was an educational and fun experience like no other. 

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