The Bridge Burnout Indicator – Preventing employee burnout

Burnout and work-related stress are important reasons why employees may drop out and/or consider quitting their jobs. As an employer, you obviously want to prevent this from happening. By using a professional and science-based burn-out test, you not only gain insight into possible burn-out symptoms, but it also offers a picture of the experienced happiness at work of the employee(s) concerned.

The importance of preventing burnout in employees

Engaged, motivated and healthy employees ensure good business results. When employees feel seen, are enthusiastic, focused and have energy, this contributes to the well-being, job satisfaction, productivity, performance and growth of the company, institution or enterprise. 

When employees feel less involved with their work or when they experience stress and (high) work pressure, burnout is a real possibility. Without support from the manager/supervisor, the consequences of burnout can be enormous. Employee burnout leads to decreased productivity resulting in negative business results. In addition, burnout among employees can result in absence, sick leave and even high staff turnover. As an employer, you obviously want to prevent this. It is therefore important to prevent employee burnout.

The Bridge Burn-out Indicator | Preventing burn-out

The Bridge Burnout Indicator is a science-based test to prevent burnout in employees. The test uses algorithms to provide a reliable and valid indication for the development of burnout. By administering the test, employers can identify possible characteristics and signs of burnout among employees at an early stage and then anticipate them. Research shows that the timely detection of characteristics of burnout can prevent actual burnout.

Characteristics of The Bridge Burnout Indicator

By means of The Bridge Burnout Indicator, possible signs of burnout can be noticed at an early stage. The test measures burnout based on 4 dimensions: physical fatigue, mental distance to work, cognitive fatigue and emotional fatigue. In addition, the burnout test also measures the employee’s level of job happiness. This is important because job happiness is an indicator of whether or not an employee will develop actual burnout. Job satisfaction is measured using the dimensions: commitment to work, proactive vitality, job satisfaction and commitment to the organization/company.

The Bridge Burnout Indicator…

  • … measures the perceived workload among employees & its causes
  • … provides insight into dimensions related to burnout and happiness at work
  • … is available in Dutch as well as in English
  • … identifies the most common signs and symptoms of burnout and stress
  • … gives an indication of the degree of job satisfaction and involvement of the employee(s)
  • … measures the (proactive) vitality of the employee(s)
  • … is based on scientific studies and numerous other sources with regard to stress, burn-out and happiness at work
  • … is the most used professional burn-out test in the Benelux

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