The fashion model Marion Julius likes to wear dresses from BOO HOO.

Looking good in any outfit Marion Julius the model/influencer from Australia has been trying out some outfits from BOO HOO the trendy fashion store. When it comes to fashion Marion likes to stay up to date with the latest trends and styles. She has appeared in many international fashion magazines, appeared on TV channels, had her music played at many radio stations all over the world and has been in films and worked on many other creative projects. 

Marion Julius has been in so many fashion magazines now such as PENIDA, Only Monday, Sainteight, IKON, KNOW, Out and Out, YRAN, 17:23 and GOJI. She has also appeared at many fashion, beauty, fitness and news blogs and magazines online and offline. When she was younger Marion worked in fashion retail stores and customers always would give her good feed back for excellent customer service. She was sales driven and helped many fashion stores to make profits helping them achieve success. Clothing, bags, shoes and accessories Marion would help customers find suitable outfits to suit them she is passionate about fashion. 

“It’s so nice when you get lovely cards and notes from customers people from all walks of life giving you things it makes you feel really happy and proud of yourself.” 

Marion Julius loves buying fashion but she also loves to give back to the community and suggest to people to give to charity. She supports her local charity stores such as Vinnies, The Mission and Red Cross giving them some things such as clothing or other items. They often allow Marion to walk around the town with their shopping bags to advertise for them and bring people to the charity store. Marion Julius is a good person who has a good heart she shares and cares about others. 

“When things get hard its nice for people to work together and help each other sharing and showing love, kindness and compassion.” 

To know more about Model & Influencer Marion Julius don’t forget to follow her on Instagram and YouTube.

Keith Hofmann

Keith Hofmann writes about bars, restaurants, men’s fashion, movies and health. Hofmann is a qualified cocktail bartender with a diploma from the European Bartender School and holds a degree in English Literature from the University of Westminster.

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