The Good Life Evangelist and His Natural and Organic Ways to Lead a Healthy Life

Today, the internet is swamped with lots of information. You start searching on any topic, and you will see thousands of blog posts and articles. But the issue occurs when you get confused after seeing too many things at the same time. It becomes challenging to understand whether the content is genuine or not. However, sometimes you get to read the real stuff, just like I got while scrolling down the internet.

I was browsing the internet looking for some health-related articles. Yes, after the coronavirus outbreak, health has become the priority. While going through several websites, I came across a website that belongs to Dr. Biprajit Parbat. Reading about him, I learned that he is a cardiologist, but the doctor has a knack for several other subjects, especially mind. Knowing that I felt like reading more about him, actually, his profile made me curious to dig it further. I realized his website is very new; just in October 2020, he started it. But that doesn’t make him any less than those who have been putting blogs for years now.

Dr. Biprajit Parbat’s blogs are exciting and informational. The best part is that he also posts videos along with the content to make more and more people aware. One of his articles that I read was a great read in which he talks about the mind and how a person can bring significant positive changes in his life by just understanding the mind.

Upon reading his four-five articles in a row, I realized that calling Dr. Parbat a “Good Life Evangelist” won’t be wrong. Dr. Parbat is trying his best to spread words to help people have a better and healthy life. We all know how busy these doctors are these days, but Dr. Parbat is still taking out time to write blogs and publish them for society’s good. He is genuinely doing a great job; hats off to his dedication.

Dr. Parbat also organizes workshops and seminars, I am curious to attend them, but I could not find any information on his upcoming workshops. I will keep an eye on his website so that I can immediately book a seat for myself if there is some information on his workshops. You guys can also take a look at his blogs