The Role of GGHTx and Avi Kerendian in Telehealth Mexico

In the following article, Avi Kerendian gives an insight into the telehealth industry in Mexico and talks about his vision for achieving global health success and development goals for his nonprofit, GGHTx. On the organizational level, he argues that we need to normalize access to health care for all people around the world. Avi Kerendian has been at the forefront of promoting global health justice and strengthening the delivery of health care systems for over four years. 

Telemedicine is becoming increasingly important in both developed and developing countries, and its research is crucial for the development of global health. 

Telemedicine is not yet as integrated into existing health systems as in the US and Canada, and different countries have different absorption rates for telemedicine and technology. Mobile solutions such as Dentulu and Uber are on the rise, leading to a rapid increase in access to dental treatment in developing countries. The obvious fact is that absorption rates are lower in Third World countries, where facilities such as the Internet and electricity are unaffordable for most citizens, especially in poor cities. 

The main reasons for this scenario are lack of access to proven large-scale surgical models, limited resources, and the difficulty of finding state health laws. In developing countries, the reasons may be more pragmatic and less technical, including limited funding and access, and the poor, who are unfortunately most needed. 

The rise of telemedicine by 2020 will improve health care in developing countries, driven by altruistic and non-profit motives, but improving the quality of life of the poor and the health of the indigenous population in these countries remains difficult, yet not impossible. More effective and affordable access to health care, especially for indigenous peoples, is therefore urgently needed. The development of more efficient and cost-effective medical technology will help to make healthcare more affordable and improve health for the general indigenous population.

Co-founder Avi Kerendian has combined his expertise in accelerating great ideas and expanding life-saving solutions with his experience in the research healthcare sector to promote social justice through innovative nonprofit models. He co-founded the Global Health nonprofit GGHTx and helped lead Zidan Benevolence International, in collaboration with Kiyini Jimedine, Dr. Arash Hakhamian, and Avi Kerendian a non-profit medical organization that provides medical care to poor communities on three continents. The global health leaders aim to promote social justice through a volunteer movement for greater social justice in health care and health-equity. 

GGHTx Avi Kerendian currently trains the next generation of global health leaders and volunteers by recruiting professionals annually to public and nonprofit agencies, providing 4-week long, paid scholarships to countries abroad, such as Mexico and Uganda. Through the philanthropic work of Dr. Arash Hakhamian and Avi Kerendian in education, health care, and health policy, they has built a movement for global health change.