The Story Of Dutch Music Producer Eyah

Sven Zwetsloot, aka Eyah, started making music while in the 8th grade. As he became older, he realized that people around him did not entirely believe in his abilities. He needed to make a statement by coming up with a unique stage name. He claims, “I wanted to reinvent myself; I used to go by Veslate then after so long and so much growth, I felt like I needed a new name that would stick forever.” Eyah popped up, revealing his professional slogan- to stand out among the rest!

Eyah tuned his mind to create for the pure joy of it, and share his songs with the rest of the world. He knew that his success in the music business would rely on a reputable brand name. Cash on Demand became his identity, a motto that inspires him to continue working hard. Eyah affirms, “My brand is the new wave of music coming from the create your own platform era, where you have to be innovative and trendsetting to get on!”

Eyah asserts, “My fans give me confidence.” The best way he can give back to them is by entertaining them. ‘Sunshine’ is a favorite song that he has made. A tune that reminds him of the summertime in the contemporary west coast; he gets the chills every time he listens to it. Eyah wants his fans to feel the same vibe- and understand that everything always gets better, with time. His persona is that of an empathetic man who is simply trying to make the world a better place through music.

Behind the scenes, Eyah is a social person. He interacts with other creators to get their ideas and perspectives on how he can become better. Through the years, he has managed to establish a good balance of day to day life and rap life. His family members always encourage him to never give up on his dreams regardless of the brand he portrays.

The man behind the music relies on his hard work, determination, and socialization skills to become a creative genius. His parting shot, “We all have failures; they make you stronger and show you that you can overcome anything even after getting knocked down- keep getting up!”

To know more about rising star Sven Zwetsloot aka Eyah follow him on Instagram @eyahmusica