The Sustainable Fashion Movement: How to Shop Ethically and Consciously

In our world, what you wear can make a difference in how people perceive you. However, fast fashion has done a number on our planet, and trying to keep up with the latest looks may be more harmful to the world than you may have realized. Fast fashion should be a thing of the past. To do your part to care about shopping sustainably, here are some tips to consider:

Thrift used clothing

Whether you want to wear navy blue flats or try out some vintage jeans, thrift stores can be the ideal location to shop for used items that look new. While you may be tempted to buy brand-new outfits, the reality is that if you want to care more about the environment, it’s a good idea to use recycled fits instead of shopping for brand-new ones. The good thing about finding thrift store looks is that you’ll be amazed at the great fits you probably wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Know where your clothes come from

Another way to shop sustainably is to look for clothing from brands that care about the environment. Many sustainable brands today make their clothes in ethical conditions and use materials that are safe for the planet.

They don’t overproduce and have policies in place that allow for the best sustainable practices in shipping and more. Take time to find out where your clothes come from so you can be sure you’re doing your part to shop for new clothes while caring for the planet. Type in ‘sustainable brands’ on your search engine and discover some of the world’s most environmentally friendly clothing lines so that you do more for the planet while shopping for the styles you love.

Live with less

If you’re looking for new clothes, consider if you need them. While it’s nice to try new outfits and get new clothing, learning to live with less can ensure you’re doing more for the environment. Put together a capsule wardrobe and learn how to adapt to living with less—to give more to the planet. You may want to work with a personal stylist to help you put together looks that are easy to mix and match so that you can do more with less and always look good while doing it.

Know the materials

When it comes to your new clothes, check out the materials used in your outfits. Some materials aren’t the best for the environment, yet so many clothes are made with them.

Some brands are taking their clothing production a step further, learning how to create the best designs with recycled fibers and biodegradable materials and being cautious with manufacturing every item. You’ll actually be amazed at the fact that some great materials are both sustainable for the planet and that feel great on your skin.

Consider clothing swaps

If you’re looking for new clothes but don’t want to spend money or spend money on fast fashion, clothing swaps are a fabulous way to spend nothing while getting great new fits. You can ask your circle of girlfriends if they want to do a clothing swap or find online clothing swap sites that make it that much easier to exchange great styles with other women who have similar sizes and styles. You’ll never know the gems that you may find. One man’s trash could be your treasure!

In Conclusion

From knowing where your clothes are coming from to thrift-store shopping for used clothes and avoiding fast fashion practices, there are many ways to wear great clothes while spending less and doing more for the planet. Consider these above mentioned tips the next time that you want to buy new clothes!