The Viewership Scope of ‘Iris’ Widens

IRIS, an erotic horror thriller Directed by Diana Rodriguez, distributed by Porter + Craig Film and Media Distribution is now available on Amazon Prime.

‘Iris’ is 100 minutes long horror thriller whose story-line is based on a character named Iris; a lady who has housed many secrets inside herself. Influenced by a dark secret, she adversely impacts her own life and that of everyone else she comes in contact with. The movie It tells the story of a young woman facing the death of her last living relative amid the backdrop of a lifetime of grief, and the relentless pursuit of subsistence.

Diana Rodriguez, the director and co-writer of ‘Iris’ has put a lot of effort in making the movie a super success and her efforts have succeeded to bear fruits. Resultantly, it has also turned out to be an amazing success. Although it was her first venture as a feature film director yet she has a wide experience of working several projects of utmost excellence. After assisting on numerous short subjects, features, and late-night comedy shows such as 50 Central and Hart of the City and based on her extensive education, Diana has beautifully tackled the challenges and she has finally brought IRIS to the screen.

Keeping in view the growing demand of the “Iris’ among its viewers, Porter + Craig Film and Media Distribution has decided to extend their services for enhancing the user access of the movie. Subsequently, they have been engaged in noting the rising viewership graph of the movie.

Diana herself being experienced in various facets of filmmaking has made the most of the skills of production designer Rocio Gimenez in “Iris”. They have tried to put heavy emphasis on mood and color. Moreover, the look of the film’s sets has beautifully been accentuated by impeccable cinematography from Horst Dieter Baum. As a result, ‘Iris’ has received a wide recognition among the viewers.

“Iris” has sufficiently named numerous awards for itself and its director. It has regularly been nominated for prizes at various film festivals and it has won majority of them. Among them, Accolade Global Film Competition Award and Best First Time Filmmaker Horror Feature Award are significant. However, the list of nominations is long enough to be posted here.

Featuring the experienced and energetic faces like Alice Kremelberg, Grant MacDermott, Mary Looram and Eric Colton in front of the camera and the untiring efforts of Diana Rodriguez and other team members behind the camera, ‘Iris’ has turned out to be an excellent piece of horror. Moreover, the depiction of modern times by pinpointing the online application based dating culture, the movie looks so relevant.

Diana Rodriguez is committed to work on other projects in future in order to add value into the filmmaking. She aspires to produce more cinematic works which will keep engaging his fans with unbound magic. She also aspires to excel in other relevant areas of filmmaking and subsequently come up with more vigor and energy in her new projects.

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