Til-Ya-Tight Entertainment Releases Tune Mercury’s Debut Single, “Without You”

Hailing from Aurora, Colorado, Austin Quarles (famously known as Tune Mercury) released his new track titled, ‘Without You.’ It is an upbeat love song about the ups and downs of being in a relationship and is released by the record label Til-Ya-Tight Entertainment. What his fans would love about him is his fearlessness. You’ll fall in love with the beautifully curated beats of “Without You,” sampling Ashanti’s classic “Foolish” beat. Next that will pique your interest is Tune Mercury’s singing style, influenced by Lil Wayne-Esque’s singing. Aside from classic rhythms and beautiful singing, the soulful melodies and lyrics that every guy who can’t help but give their lady divided attention can relate to.

Tune Mercury is a former football player. He grew up in a musical family, so it’s no surprise that music has always been and continues to be his true passion. Confident in his creative expressions, Tune Mercury’s enigma and energy can be seen in his performance. Well-known hip-hop star Lil Wayne greatly inspires Mercury, and he wishes to meet Lil Wayne and learn about the artistic and business aspects of the music industry. Prior to “Without You,” Tune Mercury has independently released five mixtapes, “My Bloody Valentines,” “Games Of Aco,” “Popular Loner,” “Tune’s World Pt. 1 & 2″ and gained a nice following on Instagram. Tune Mercury is an undeniably talented artist who is sure to make his mark in the industry.

Visit YouTube to watch Tune Mercury’s music video, “Without You.” For more information on Tune Mercury’s upcoming projects and Til-Ya-Tight Music, visit https://tytemusic.com