Tomas Kuçi, the Albanian Superstar

Music has always made special attention to people’s mind and the popular music producer and Tomas Kuçi is great. He also goes by the name as Melody Studio and he is one of the honorable members of Albanian music scene. He is actually from Durres trying to captivate everyone’s heart with his irresistible label. He made his first debut in collaborations with the best musicians from Albania known as Stresi , Noizy , Marin etc. He created his own label called Melody Studio where he is creating his own music and supporting all new artists. His music has quality and control which will be liked by all music lovers from all across the world. His last collaborations are so popular for everyone is the collaboration with the singer Marin . Songs are online on YouTube and all online music stores and at the moment are on top at all Albanian radios and blogs .

If you are great music enthusiasts, you are going to love his exclusive music. Some of his exceptional musical work includes “Tmerr”, “Blitz”, “N’rrug”, “1 Familje” etc. He manage good bars and clubs in Albania and people know him for his awestruck musical jamming. During 2010 , Tomas Kuçi became very famous music producer in Albania as he was the main producer for different artists. His last projects with Marin had great recognition for Tomas label . The famous Record producer has also taken part in a film shoted in Albania . He is also present on sites like Facebook, Instagram. His promise a new song coming soon in a collaboration with a famous Albanian singer.

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