Top Things To Consider Before A Career In Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking is a dream for many. The name itself is quite exciting and challenging. The job of an ethical hacker is vulnerable yet much satisfying compared to 9-5 jobs. It’s obvious why demand for cybersecurity specialists in general, and ethical hackers in specific, is so high in the face of the current surge of criminality. If you are fascinated about working in the cybersecurity field or hacking field, Ethical hacking is the right career opportunity for you. However, it demands extensive understanding of the whole IT sector from programming, software development to database and cloud, you must have a brief knowledge of almost everything. Hence, anyone who wishes to enter this field, must consider a few key important things that one should never skip before getting into a career in Ethical hacking. And Today, we are going to discuss such top things required for an individual to start a career in ethical hacking. To kick start your career, CEH certification training provides everything from excellent tutors to comprehensive study material. Check out now.

Here are top things you need to possess which helps you become a top-notch ethical hacking job.

1.    Get a Degree Already

Many professionals do not believe that they actually do need a degree to land in an ethical hacking career. This is not necessary to gain skills however, this acts as a basic qualification that is required to sit in an interview. Even though you have a great deal of knowledge about various tools and technologies required for cybersecurity, without a degree, the chances of choosing you over a degree holder is quite less. Which is why, never miss out a degree. First, get a degree in any field you wish for related to IT. You can get a bachelor’s degree of engineering or technology in fields like computer science, IT, electronics, networks and communications, and etc. If you want to reach higher positions, pursuing a master degree is mandatory for a few companies. So, for starters, get a degree. If you already have all the skills but no degree, step back and get yourself a degree because this might be a reason why you did not get any job yet. Therefore, to compete in this dynamic IT world, having a professional degree from a reputed university will help you stand out from the crowd.

2.    Different Types of Hacking and Hackers

Hacking is not just one type or one way thing. There are multiple types of hackings which are done by various types of hackers. Knowing what they are and why they are used is very important since it helps you know your role and purpose and also gives you an idea of how others think so that you can tackle any sort of issue. To break it down, there are three types of hackers mainly which are White Hat Hackers, Black Hat Hackers, and Gray Hat Hackers.

White hat hackers are the nice folks in the cyber community. Ethical hackers and penetration testing are examples of white hat hackers. These individuals employ the same method as black hat hackers. They can also break into systems, however they only do that for those systems that they have been given authorization to hack. As part of penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, they never intend to attack a system; rather, they strive to uncover holes in a computer system or network system. White hat hacking is legal, and it is one of the most complicated occupations in the IT field. Many businesses engage ethical hackers to do penetration tests and vulnerability assessments.

Unethical hackers, sometimes known as security crackers, are black-hat hackers. These individuals hack a system in order to obtain unauthorized access to it, disrupt its functioning, or steal critical information. Because of its malicious aim, black hat hacking is always illegal. To fulfill their own illicit purposes such as stealing company data, invading privacy, causing system damage, and obstructing network connection, among other things, they mostly target banks or other firms with poor security.

Gray hat hackers use elements of both black and white hat hacking. They operate without malice, but for the sake of amusement, they attack a security flaw in a computer system or network without the consent or knowledge of the administrator. Their goal is to draw the owner’ eye to the flaw in the hope of receiving gratitude or a little reward.

Furthermore, many other types of hackers are also out there such as Script Kiddies, Green Hat Hackers, Blue Hat Hackers, Red Hat Hackers, and State/Nation Sponsored Hackers.

3.    Learn Cloud Computing Technology

Learning cloud computing technology is essential for ethical hackers because it provides on-demand delivery of IT skills on metered services which is quite the market now and many top industries are using it. Furthermore, the security threat presented by hackers on the Internet is ever-changing. Cloud computing opens up new ways for hackers to abuse businesses, resulting in new types of vulnerabilities and security issues. So, knowing how the cloud works will give the ethical hackers an advantage to perform well while protecting the cloud infrastructure.

4.    Update Yourself With Latest Developments

Hacking is one of those professions where new approaches and tactics are always emerging. To stand out and be recruited, you must stay current and continually refresh yourself with the latest hacking tactics. Learn about various trends in technology. Keep yourself updated with all the information and relevant skills. Since the technology is constantly evolving, recruiters do want professionals who can keep themselves up for anything new. So knowing about the latest developments in this field or in the IT industry shows that you are willing to learn and adapt.

5.    Earn a Ethical Hacking Certification

Last but never the least, certification. This is one more important thing that you should never skip is getting certified. Just having all the skills is probably not enough for any recruiter. Mostly, they want proof, which is where this certification will be very much useful. Many ethical hacking certifications are available if you search on the internet. However, if you want a reliable and a standard certification, then I suggest the CEH certification exam. CEH stands for Certified Ethical Hacker, and it is the most well-known of the EC-Council qualifications. It was created to demonstrate that the bearer knows how to find flaws and vulnerabilities in computer systems and is familiar with the techniques that a malevolent hacker would employ. Securing this certification convinces the recruiter you are eligible for an ethical hacker position.

Bottom Line

Hence, these are the top things that most professionals who want to get into the ethical hacking field, neglect. One must keep all these five important things in mind while searching for an ethical hacker position. No matter how many skills you get, a standard degree, a reputed certification, knowledge of hacking types and latest technologies is very important. However, I will not say that it is impossible without them but having these things will make it easier for you to secure a job. Getting a job in this field might be challenging at first but with the right guidance and hardwork, you can definitely land your dream job. Once you get that job, it will be satisfying, rewarding and totally worth it.