UNCUT WITH LUCIA Series Presents Interview with Author of “Straight Up From the Tea Cup”

UNCUT WITH LUCIA, an exclusive series by WorldAuthors.Org (a not-for-profit organization), has gained immense popularity in such a short period. The series started during COVID – 19 Pandemic is becoming the author’s favorite platform where they share their incredible writing experiences. 

Lucia Matuonto, the host of the series, has now come up with her latest interview with a renowned writer and founder of Etiquette & Style by Dupree.  

Toni Dupree was born and raised in Houston, Texas, where she currently lives with her Chihuahua mix, Luchia. Whatever Toni is today, it is because of her mother, Jydelle Taylor, a cosmetologist. She spent all her time imbibing cultural and social discipline in Toni. Toni graduated from the Interior Arts School of Designer. She has 23 years of work experience in interior designing. Toni is also a certified behavior therapist; she holds a certification with the Center for Organizational Cultural Competence in Canada.

Toni found her life’s true passion for building character and self-esteem, and that’s how she decided to start Etiquette & Style by Dupree (www.etiquettestylebydupree.com), an etiquette training and coaching company based in Houston, where she offers customized etiquette workshops, Life skill coaching sessions, and business environment training to people from different walks of life, including individuals and organizations. 

She also owns Civility Experts Houston. Besides, Toni is a candidate for trainer status with the International Civility Trainer’s Consortium, one of only 8 Master Trainers globally. “Straight Up From the Tea Cup” is Toni’s second book; in 2015, she published her first book, named “Whose fork is it anyway?” that dealt with developing social graces. 

“Straight Up From the Tea Cup” is a beautiful masterpiece crafted by Toni. In this book, she prompts her readers to look within. As she firmly believes that whatever you desire comes your way, only if you have the ability to recognize the greatness that begins with YOU. 

Speaking about her book, Toni said, “If you desire to have great things come your way, being able to recognize greatness begins with YOU. Toni speaks to THAT person; the GREAT person that may be resting in a dormant state just waiting for you to rise out of mediocrity.”

“Straight Up From the Tea Cup” is a MUST READ book for one and all! I have grabbed my copy; how about you…? The book is available online on Amazon!