Upasana Singh’s son to play a lead role in Smeep Kang’s film

Famous comic actor of Hindi and Punjabi movies, Upasana Singh, is launching her son, Nanak in the Punjabi film industry. Though the veteran actress had directed a film “Yaaran Diyan Paun Baraan” last year, which was also her directorial debut, the film’s release got delayed due to the pandemic. 

“The film was scheduled for release in June this year, but then pandemic happened and the rest is history,” said Upasana. In the meantime, she is starting another film as a producer in December, which will be directed by leading Punjabi director, Smeep Kang. It will also star Nanak in the film.

“The film is titled, ‘Bai Ji Kuttan Ge’ and also stars Dev Kharoud, who plays Baiji, along with Nanak. Gurpreet Ghuggi and I are also acting in it. The film is a comedy but also has action. Any film with Dev Kharoud will have action I guess. The genre of this film is like that of Rohit Shetty’s films which is a mix of comedy and action. Harnaaz Kaur (fbb Colors Femina Miss India Punjab 2019) is paired opposite Nanak. The film also stars a foreign actor,” said Upasana.

While talking about the fate of her first directorial film, Upasana says that she has also accepted the wait and watch policy like many others, for the film’s theatrical release. She said that “I am waiting for theatres to reopen properly. People are still afraid of going back to theatres, so I am waiting for a good time to release the film.”

While commenting on the Sunil Grover’s show, Gangs of Filmistaan’ that was shut down soon after it started, Upasana said, “The show didn’t shut because of low TRPs, as speculated. It was planned as a limited episodes show. Yes, we agree it didn’t reach the popularity levels as were expected, but we were told in the beginning itself that it has 52 episodes only.”

Siddharth Sharma

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