American Hip-Hop Artist Brandon Blvd Has Released His New Single, “I Found God”

Brandon Blvd, a budding artist from Memphis, Tennessee, has released his newest single, “I Found God,” from his forthcoming album “Hunger Pains: A Tale of Righteousness.” The rapper has successfully made a name for himself by questioning reality in his latest single, ‘I Found God,’ which sends a powerful message to his audience. The compelling, upbeat, and authentic lyrical scheme establishes him as a noteworthy hip-hop star.

 Propelled by contagious energy that demands change, Brandon Blvd conveys that God can be found outside of the church as well. The artist has used confident and powerful words to construct his vision and put his vocal acumen to use. With his extensive musical knowledge, the rapper brilliantly questions and challenges the status quo.

Radically a “Ghetto Gospel,” Brandon has rightly highlighted the goal with his lyrical brilliance in “I Found God.” Combining Brandon’s vocal power, instrumental sounds and thumping beats, the audience can easily relate to this thought-provoking song.

Brandon Blvd, also known as Brandon Love Jackson, first released his mixtape “Vengeance is Mine: Memoirs of a Lost Soul” to the public in the year 2016. “Vengeance is Mine: Memoirs of a Lost Soul” garnered a lot of attention and allowed him to start gaining local recognition. In addition to his recording career, he is the founder of “Stay Hungry,” a growing clothing collective and brand. Also, he is the founder of the Problematic Nation movement and record label.

“I Found God” is now available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify. For more information on Brandon Blvd’s upcoming projects, you can visit his website http://www.brandonblvd.com and social media.

Amelia Brown

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