Urvashi Rautela launched a promotional ad for the mattress she’s affiliated with

Urvashi Rautela, who became the first global brand ambassador for a sleeping mattress brand which has been tested by PM Narendra Modi along with world industry leaders.

Bollywood diva Urvashi Rautela has come up with a unique way to promote her Mattress brand in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak. The actress launched a promotional ad of late. Speaking about the ad, Urvashi said a lot of things about the benefit of having a good mattress and how our sleep is affected by it. She also spoke about how our brains function if we don’t sleep comfortably. Besides, she also explained how peace in the world is very important.

She is believed to be the perfect face for Dreams Mattresses. She is the first Global Brand Ambassador for the mattress that has been tested by Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with other world leaders. The ad features the expression of Mr. Modi after he did not get a proper sleep due to his mattress and how he looked energetic and fresh after changing the mattress.