Uses of Diamonds That You Didn’t Know

Gemstones are a fascinating creation of Mother Nature. There are good reasons why people like these gemstones so much. Diamonds are especially a favorite stone for people. We use it as our pieces of jewelry and also as a symbol to express our love or our bonding. Though mankind has been using diamonds for a long time, we still don’t know many facts about the diamond. Did you know that diamonds are made of simple carbons? Carbon is the most common material found in nature. Diamonds are just a special formation of carbons. Do you know why the lab grown diamonds Australia are getting a lot of market attention these days? That’s because synthetic diamonds are as real as natural diamonds. But apart from their use in jewelry, diamonds have other uses too.  

Diamonds are one of the strongest structures in nature. Because of their strength, diamonds are used in cutting and drilling. Also, diamond particles are used in polishing. Though diamonds are expensive they are also more durable than metals or silicates. So, diamonds last longer and become more cost-effective.  

Diamonds have no independent electrons. As a result, they don’t conduct electricity. But diamonds are the most thermally conductive material known to us. So, scientists are using them on solar panels to produce more electricity.  

Because of their chemical and structural nature, diamonds can exist on a nanoscale. Doctors and scientists are planning to use Nano diamonds for chemotherapy. They say these Nano diamonds will be able to carry the drug to the cancer cells without damaging the blood cells. And this will be much more effective than conventional therapies.  

Apart from all these diamonds are useful for various researches because of their nature and shape. Scientists especially value diamonds for their thermal conductivity and other things. When we think about diamonds on a smaller scale, they have endless possibilities.  

We already know about their use in jewelry. Diamonds are still one of the most used gemstones in the world. And the fun fact is people have been using diamonds as pieces of jewelry even before we were civilized. In the medieval era, diamonds were appreciated and were a symbol of honor. Lots of kings and queens have used diamonds and they were an expensive collection even at those times. Even in the present, the Kohinoor diamond is the most expensive in the world.  You can check out diamond blogs to find out more about this.

It is clear for all that apart from their materialistic value, diamonds have use for scientific, industrial, and medical reasons. Some diamonds have a high historical value. Historical or not, diamonds will always be an attraction for people because of their beauty. But while using diamonds we must keep in mind that mining too many diamonds can be harmful to our planet. So, it is better to use the synthetic version. Being made in a lab doesn’t make them any less attractive and it also doesn’t lessen their value. We all should be more careful about the harm we cause to nature.