Verina Marcel: What You Need To Know About The Fashion and Modeling Mogul

Verina Marcel has been in the spotlight from a young age, after being discovered in Germany as a model at the age of 13. She tackled many big cities such as Milan and Paris, being crowned the new “It” girl as she graced the pages of iconic magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, and many more.

She went on to become the famous Photographer, Helmut Newton’s, right-hand woman and muse. Their symbiotic relationship blossomed. From their first experience working together being in Vogue Paris to being the focus of his Big Nudes’ shoot,  a life size Photograph of her that was part of his Art shows all over the world. Verina made the Cover of German ‘Stern’ Magazine, which had the title “Starke Frauen” ( Strong Women).

From there she continued into acting and appeared on Veronica Mars with Kristen Bell and in some National Lampoon Movies as well as many other cameos.  During this time of acting, she also continued to become a mainstay on the runway, in campaigns for major fashion houses, and on the cover of magazines. Everyone wanted her, and she did it all. She was the face of Guess Campaigns, kept her role as a Cosmopolitan girl, and became an in-house model and muse for Lloyd Klein Couture, where she still works today.

But where is she today? She still continues to thrive in the increasingly difficult fashion sphere and is also an outward spoken philanthropist and activist for causes such as animal rights and Black Lives Matter. On a more personal and business level, she is getting prepared to release her own fashion line “VERINA”.

VERINA will be the go-to fashion line for anyone who is anyone, and is bound to be an instant success. Her many years of modeling clothes has allowed her to grasp what the average person wants and how to make pieces that flatter, not overwhelm the wearer. After all, clothes are meant to fit and flatter you, you are not meant to fit and flatter the clothes. 

Her goal with the brand is to make sure the customers have a high sense of self-expression and individuality while wearing high quality pieces that can be worn over and over, still working with the trends and most flattering pieces. The clothing will do good for the customer as well as the environment, as Marcel is planning to donate a percentage of her profits to wildlife charity Wildaid. 

The line will be released in the coming months and fasn could not be more excited to get their hands on the signature pieces.

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