Versace reportedly Sued Fashion Nova For Copying Famous Jennifer Lopez ‘Jungle’ Dress

Italian fashion house Versace has reportedly sued Fashion Nova, which is a fast-fashion retailer, in California on Monday. The brand reportedly sued Fashion Nova because they have allegedly copied some of its most popular designs, which also includes the iconic green “Jungle” dress worn by Jennifer Lopez at the 2000 Grammy Awards.

Versace filed 35-page complaint against Fashion Nova on Monday in California’s U.S. district court. The brand is allegedly seeking a jury trial to make Fashion Nova to stop selling the offending clothes. Also, Versace’s complaint it also asks to be paid attorney’s fees and other damages.

Besides the Jennifer Lopez “Jungle” dress, the complaint also alleges that Fashion Nova has copied its multicolored “Pop Heart” and black and gold “Barocco” print designs as well in their other dresses. Versace claims that it owns the copyrights and trademarks for all the designs that Fashion Nova has allegedly duplicated. Also, Versace believes that the act will simply “confuse and mislead” customers of the clothing brand.

The Italian brand also accused Fashion Nova for tagging its Web pages selling the copied designs with the Versace name and other trademarked words so that it could boost its visibility on search engines and on other social media platforms. Also, Versace claims that Fashion Nova is able to create designs so rapidly because it copy the designs of other brands. 

However, this is for the second time Fashion Nova has been blasted for copying other designers’ looks. As, in February, Kim Kardashian called out the company for selling a replicated Thierry Mugler dress after she wore the original to an awards show.