What Are The Key Benefits of Having a Garbage Disposal for Septic Tanks? A Guide

Are you fed up with getting rid of food waste into a compost heap?Have you ever considered having a garbage disposal installed?

Garbage disposals are an appliance installed in the kitchen sink that can grind and dispose of food waste. These units are commonly found in households that are connected to municipal sewer systems, where the waste is transported to a treatment facility. However, there are also garbage disposals designed for homes with septic systems, which offer several advantages over traditional methods of disposing of food waste.

A septic tank is a treatment system for wastewater that relies on the natural breakdown of organic matter by bacteria and other microorganisms in a tank buried underground. The system is designed to handle household waste, but, unfortunately, it can become overwhelmed if too much food waste is added to the tank. This can lead to clogs, backups, and a host of other problems that can be expensive and time-consuming to fix.

So, you may be asking yourself what the benefits are of having one installed. In this article, the key advantages are explored, so you can think about if you want to have a garbage disposal built into your kitchen drainage system.

Reduces Food Waste

One of the main advantages of garbage disposal for septic systems is that it reduces the quantity of food waste that is added to the tank. Instead of throwing away food scraps in the trash, which can quickly accumulate and cause odors, homeowners can grind up their food waste and send it down the drain. Accumulating food can also attract pests, especially in the summer, which can also cause issues with health and hygiene. So, having a garbage disposal system integrated with a septic tank not only helps to keep the kitchen clean and free of odors but also reduces the amount of waste too.

Break Down Food Waste

Another advantage of garbage disposal for septic tanks is that it breaks down food waste more quickly. When food scraps are ground up and sent down the drain, they are exposed to more surface area, which allows bacteria and other microorganisms to break them down more efficiently. This means that food waste is processed more quickly in the septic tank, which reduces the risk of clogs and backups.

Reduces the Need for Pumping

In addition to these benefits, garbage disposal for septic tanks can also help to reduce the need for septic tank pumping. When too much waste accumulates in the tank, it can become full and require pumping to remove the excess. However, by using a garbage disposal to grind up food waste, homeowners can help to keep the tank from filling up too quickly. This will also aid in the reduction of pumping, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

Desirable for Resale

In the US housing market, garbage disposal for a septic tank is a desirable feature to have. Indeed, many home buyers prefer properties that have this feature built-in, so, for that point alone, it is likely worth having one installed if you are considering selling your home in the future.