What Are the Key Features of an Excellent Office Space?

If you have been hunting for the perfect office space for your business but haven’t been able to find it, there’s a chance this could be due to onlya vague sense of what you and your business require from it. Perhaps you have visited some attractive premises but for some reason just couldn’t see your business being able to flourish there. Understanding precisely what your business needs from an office space and how your employees will work best is the first step to finding the right place for you. Take a look at these key features to pay attention to when searching for your ideal office space.

Appropriate Size

Different businesses need different sized offices. Even some relatively large companies only require a few small offices to run successfully, while some new businesses require bigger premises in order to fulfil their business goals. There is no point in trying to save money by choosing a smaller office space if you know deep down that your business needs somewhere bigger, and there is also no point in aiming too high and paying for an overlarge office that your business doesn’t need. Be honest with yourself about your budget and your business requirements so that you can find somewhere that makes sense for you and your business projections. Consider exploring various business bathroom ideas when planning your office space. It’s essential to strike the right balance between size and functionality to meet your specific needs. Being realistic about your budget and requirements will help you secure an office space that aligns perfectly with your business goals.


Especially for businesses that are just starting out, there can be a strong desire to either settle for a location that is less than ideal or only aim for premises that are far too ambitious and overpriced. Finding the ideal location for you and your unique business will make it easier to find long term success. Identify where your business would have the highest chances of reaching its target market and look for offices in that area.For example, if you want an office in a popular London location, you can narrow down your search for offices to rent in Covent Garden or other similarly desirable parts of the city. There is no point paying for an office somewhere that your business cannot sufficiently grow since you will never be able to make enough money to move to a more suitable place.

Privacy or Publicity

Depending on your business’ style of marketing, you may prefer to work from an office that is relatively private and only invited guests can visit, or an office that is eye-catching and generates interest from potential clients. This has a lot to do with the exterior appearance and how easy your office is to locate.

Suitability and Relevance

Some office spaces may come with an additional warehouse area or specialist equipment. Don’t waste your money on premises that charge more for any extras that your business doesn’t need. However, if you do need specific layouts or features for your business, you may be able to find an office space that can fit the bill. Taking the time to look around before making a choice is crucial, even if external voices are urging you to rush your decision.