What are the three different types of churches on the Sunshine Coast?

Any religious activity follows a particular tradition and faith. The rise, modification, and fall of the style and function in different eras mark the tide of change. The local arts and the cultural influence of spiritual beliefs in architecture, music, and literature also provide an influence on a community’s stand on faith. The Sunshine Coast has some amazing churches like C3 Power House and offers its populace a chance to indulge in devine glory. 

The region of Sunshine Coast also offers a close connection between multi-faith history influenced by its local arts and culture, depicted through the religious centers.

The natural beauty and amazing weather of the area has led to the place being a home to numerous renowned craftspersons, artists, writers, and musicians from diverse cultures and religions. This is the reason why the area is a favored place for numerous religious camps, conferences, and religious centers. 

Taking all the diversity together, the Sunshine Coast offers different types of churches to visit and unveil the historical secrets and beauty in the architecture. A few must-visit churches include:

1. Coolum Christian Church:

The Coolum Christian church is like one family that holds together the community of ordinary people and everyday families visiting the place from all walks of life. The church is a part of the Assemblies of God Church that functions on the idea of embracing the entire community with hope, love, compassion, grace, and faith in God. The church welcomes everybody to attend the exceptional prayer service on Sundays. It also caters to a variety of connected groups that work for kids, youth, and grown-ups held midweek.

2. Redeemer Coast Church:

The Redeemer Coast Church at the Sunshine Coast believes that it is God who is making all the difference. Their philosophy is that the Holy Spirit is the one who saves, heals, and protects the common man. Redeemer Coast church honors the presence of God by its preaching to establish the kingdom of God and through teaching of his words in the power of the name of the Holy Spirit. 

The institution believes that honoring God drives excellence and we can progress only with the grace God has given us. It is a young church where people feel loved and welcomed. The place is full of warmth and genuine relationships.

They believe that the Sunshine Coast is the home to Jesus, and they are working on the path shown by him. The pastors, Grant and Linda Peterson, have worked hard to affiliate the church with Victory Life Churches International and Rhema Family Churches of Australia. 

3. Glasshouse Country Baptist Church:

The Glasshouse Country Baptist Church works with a purpose to know the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and to make God known to people. They are now located in the new GPAC building. The Glasshouse Country Baptist Church has an association with the Queensland Baptist Union, and they follow all the fundamental beliefs of the Baptist Union. The main pastor of the church, Chris and Sandy, moved in with their family a couple of years ago. 

They take on essential preaching responsibilities and take care of all the teaching in the Church. The church has come with numerous support missions both locally and internationally. The church supports these missions both financially and prayerfully.


Not just these, The Sunshine Coast boasts of numerous other religious centers and churches working on a mission to let the people know the actual meaning of existence through the preaching and teachings of the Lord. These churches are a must-visit if you are on the Sunshine Coast. 

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