What should I do when your good friend leaves

One day you and your best friend are going to split up and leave location far away from you, a brand new city, a fresh country, or maybe a new country on a different continent! It sucks that your best friend is moving away.

Discover how to manage your best friend moving away. Regardless of the space between you, this is not something to worry about and should not be the end of your friendship. Also, as long as you understand that if your best friend is moving away from you.


When you understand that your best friend is moving away, the first thing you need to do is find time to sit down and discuss the upcoming move together. If you enjoy going for walks in the park, walking from the water, or even sitting at your favorite bar.


If your best friend is moving, the best thing you can do is to offer to assist them with their relocation. Be aware that moving is a challenging job and you will need to help your best friend organize the things that are being moved.


It may not seem like the perfect way to take care of your best friend’s move, but in fact, saying goodbye may be an excellent way to do so. Ask everyone to give a short speech to express their goodbyes to their best friend who is leaving.


If your best friend is moving out, one thing you can and should do is to provide him with a Going Away Gifts to remember some of your enjoyable times. In this way, it is another way of saying goodbye.

Gifts for a friend who is moving away don’t need to be expensive at all. In the best case, it will be something special to reflect your friendship, just like something imaginative that you have done, such as: creating a present card, writing a poem, painting a picture, or writing a tune. Other ideas for great moving gifts for friends include novels, framed art, plants, personalized items, or other things that you know will create your best friend happy.


Your best friend is moving out, yet he or she hasn’t started going yet, which means you still have a chance to devote some time together. Your choice will largely depend on how many days there are until they move out date. Ideally, your friend will have the ability to find a gap in their moving list to do something together, just as you have performed before, until the unfortunate news of this impending move reaches your ears.

Watch a movie together. Take a walk in the park or add character. Go camping or fishing. Perform your favorite game together. Create a long weekend just for the two of you. Play your favorite board game.


You need to understand that a good friend moving away is not the end of a friendship. If your best friend is moving to a different city, a new country or another country, a very important thing is to assure each other that you will stay in touch or do your best to make it happen.

Fortunately, in this day and age, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch, no matter what the space.

Phone: Long distance calls are not expensive, just get in touch with your phone and discover a monthly plan that will meet your requirements.

Email: Email is instant and will provide you with an excellent way to keep in touch with your best friends no matter where they are moving to.

Instant Messaging: There is a good selection of chat or video conferencing apps on the market, and you likely already have a favorite instant messaging app to start with. Social Networking. Staying in touch with your best friends through social networks is a no-brainer.