When Art Becomes Fashion

Being able to artistically communicate with others to tell our own story is one of the true beauties of self-expression through fashion. Designs can be diverse, alluring, and entirely unique. There is a magic that erupts when the collision of art and fashion produces something extraordinary, and everyone in the room can feel it.

Haleh Mashian, creator and founder of MASH City “believes that art belongs not only on the walls but also on people.” The MASH Gallery resides in the Los Angeles Arts District and is loved by artists and designers alike. Mashian’s work embodies the beauty of color; anyone who wears her imaginative and striking apparel will feel like a walking masterpiece.

MASH City’s newest spring and summer line combines Mashian’s incredible ability to translate her works onto her famous bomber jackets and vibrant accessories. The line gives people the opportunity to dress up or even dress down, but in a cool and fun way that makes you stand out among a crowd.

Another contemporary artist who values the expressive elements of fashion is Domingo Zapata. Deemed as having a “Warhol-like aesthetic”, Zapata emphasizes his poetic imagination by creating designs that mirror his perspective of society.

During Fashion Week in 2017, Zapata had a tremendous impact on the night when his models showcased his dramatic collection. The underlying message was to communicate the importance of passion, love, and fashion in society.

Amber Goldhammer is an inspirational graffiti artist whose work also sheds light on the harmony between art and fashion. Her inspiring words of love are a theme that can be continuously found on all of her pieces.

In Spring of 2021, Goldhammer created a spectacular collection for Paris Fashion week. Her calming and self-reflective artwork was put on display, and the runway was blessed with a magical essence of joy.

The relationship between art and fashion is symbiotic and personal. Just as a painter would seek inspiration from their imagination and surroundings, a fashion designer goes through the same intellectual process. Both focus on themes, shapes, colors, shades, and textures. The entwinement of the two is powerful and reaches a level of self-expression that should be valued to the highest degree.

Gargie Sharrma

A fervid writer, I am a Commerce Graduand. I love to travel and explore new things, enthralled by sports (basketball), when I am not writing, I spend my time in singing dancing, and reading.. Also, I love riding bike, this is something I am passionate about!

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