When every teacher gave up on me, Mrs Menon believed in me, says Aarya Babbar

It is rightly said that there is a no bigger teacher than life itself, as life teaches us at every moment, every point of life something directly or indirectly. Actor Aarya Babbar also feels the same. However, the actor had a conversation on a different platform on Teachers’ Day and talked about his Gurus in life. 

Babbar mentioned his 7th-grade class teacher, Mrs Menon, who changed his life. According to him, Babbar’s class teacher had a huge impact on his life. “You find different gurus in different stages of life, who teach you many things. Certain heartbreaks also teach you certain things, certain failures also teach you some things and these are all gurus; if you look at life this way then you are learning something at every step,” Aarya Babbar said, beginning the conversation on a very general note. 

After that, Babbar spoke about his teacher and said, “There was a teacher of mine Mrs. Menon, in my 7th grade. She was my class teacher. So back then academically I wasn’t a good student, I wasn’t participating in anything. And when every teacher gave up on me, Mrs. Menon believed in me. She pushed me; she kept encouraging me. She saw to it that I would improve and I did improve because of her persistence on me, wanting me to improve.”

“Eventually, I did really well; I got better. I opened up as a person as well, as I was an introvert person before that. I became more extroverted, jovial, a person who lived life to the fullest. I even got a certificate because of her on the grounds of diligence,” the 39-year-old actor added.

Babbar also revealed that he was only 12 years old when Mrs Menon taught him the lesson of diligence. He added that he learned from her that he could survive no matter what, as all he needed was persistence. Till date, he feels that this is the biggest learning he learned in life, and the actor is thankful to his teacher for it.

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