When Politics Goes to the Dogs: The Strange Case of a Police Complaint Against a Canine

In a strange turn of events, a police complaint has been filed against a dog for tearing down a poster of the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Jagan Mohan Reddy. The complaint was filed at the Vijayawada police station by a Telugu Desam supporter, Dasari Udayasree.

The incident, which was caught on video and has since gone viral, shows the dog tearing the poster down from a wall. Udayasree’s complaint, which appears to be sarcastic, claims that action must be taken against the dog, as well as those who instigated the dog and those who circulated the video clip.

The poster in question is part of the Chief Minister’s latest programme, ‘Jagananna Maa Bhavishyathu’, meaning Jagan Anna is our future, which is an ongoing statewide survey by the YSRCP. Udayasree claims that the dog’s actions are an insult to the Chief Minister and that even a dog in Andhra Pradesh is insulting him.

While this incident may seem humorous, it highlights a larger issue of the politicisation of every aspect of Indian society. It is not uncommon for supporters of different political parties to clash with one another, and it seems that even animals are not immune to being caught up in the crossfire.

The fact that Udayasree felt the need to file a complaint against a dog shows the extent to which politics has infiltrated every aspect of daily life in India. It is important to remember that animals, like the dog in question, are not capable of understanding political affiliations or ideologies. They are innocent creatures, and it is unfair to involve them in political disputes.

Furthermore, the filing of this complaint against a dog is a waste of police resources and time. The police have more pressing issues to deal with, and frivolous complaints such as this detract from their ability to focus on important matters.

In conclusion, while the incident of the dog tearing down the poster may seem amusing, it is important to recognise the larger issues it highlights. The politicisation of every aspect of Indian society is a concerning trend, and involving innocent animals in political disputes is unfair and unjust. It is crucial to remember that animals are not capable of understanding political affiliations, and we must treat them with the care and respect they deserve.