Who is Aljundi?

Who is Aljundi, he is Mustafa Mansour Abdulsalam Alwirfili, There are many different personalities in the Arab world who were able to stand out in many fields, especially the artistic ones, and to highlight themselves as no one else did, and who worked to be their own fans, admiring All the different content you provide, we see famous artists among them, one of them is distinguished in the different works he does. “Aljundi” is one of the singers living in the Arab world, who was able to have a large audience.

About the Artist:

Aljundi from Benghazi, a famous city of Libya. Born in 1996 October 26 . His name is “Mustafa Mansour Abdulsalam Alwirfili” but he is popularly known among his fans as “Aljundi”. Due to his rising popularity, he with many titles by the street but he preferred to keep “Aljundi” over all other titles.

The Beginning of the Musical Career of Aljundi:

Although he was keenly interested in music since his childhood yet, his musical journey formally started in 2011. One after another, he has produced masterpieces in music. Since his music was based on real-life lyrics and focused on youth conversations, it also attracted undue criticism from the followers of traditional music. Moreover, the contents of the lyrics of his music also landed him into certain controversies. His music has been receiving significant appraisal since the beginning yet, he received the major breakthrough in 2020. At last his 8 year long struggle bore fruits and he started gaining recognition as a star musical performer.

The Recognitions of the Music of Aljundi:

Undoubtedly, the real recognition of an artist is the love given by people. In today’s world, social media have made it easier to keep a track of the love a star gets from his fans. It can be effectively gauged from the number of followers, subscribers and views. In this context, Aljundi is followed by a massive number of 296k people on YouTube and 118k on Instagram. Moreover, his music has also received a top-notch response. He attracts about 10k monthly listeners on Spotify where he is a verified artist.

To know more about Aljundi, you can connect with him on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Spotify.