Who is Shameless G

Shameless G can elevate hip-hop to the next level with his authentic flows. Bringing a different vibe to the stale hip-hop scene, artist Shameless G is like a fire formed from a magnifying glass to keep his village warm. His unique and virtuous debut in the ever-changing scene of hip-hop is a commendable achievement in itself.

His debut project an EP named ‘Grandmas Basement’ takes a quantum leap in terms of varied rap techniques as the artist injects everything from complex rhyme schemes to soft-spoken melodic delivery to prove himself as a hip-hop elite. In no other genre do the artists so blatantly express their tenacity to outdo the competition. From the production to the flow, to the rap, and the contemporary melodic groove, the artist takes creative command in every element to treat the audience with his surprising qualities.

The EP comprises of songs like ‘Too Long’, ‘Soul Snatcher’, ‘Do It Better’, and ‘Petty’ that proves his creative and delivery skills are at par as he reflects his deep understanding of the thematic radii. Even though he is new to the spectrum of rap, his authentic flow and urge to reflect on the truth is sure to take him very far in the genre.

His music is not just infectious and groovy, but the soundscapes carry the energy of his distinctive personality. The artistic process behind every track comes from a brainstorming effort to beat the stereotype. His multiple personality voices arguably make him the great rap craftsman in today’s hip-hop scene. The lyrical content of the songs never suffers as the prolific rapper is not just lyrically dexterous but his rhymes are threaded together like a complete needlepoint to pierce the listener’s attention.

Having grown up in various cities, rapper Shameless G establishes him as a potential performer with his versatile and spontaneous flow. His latest EP ‘Grandmas Basement’ is worth considering as one of the most valued projects of his career.

He is one creative artist who is very different in sound and his way of speaking the truth in a thought-provoking way could be easily considered attention-grabbing. The rapper is surely one of the few talented artists to break into the mainstream with his remarkable storytelling style.

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