Why PISA Awards Does NOT Nominate Content Creators Like SehgalMotors.PK Who Make Tutorial Videos?

We have seen Pakistan International Screen Awards 2021 also known as PISA awarding celebrities and content creators in Dubai. Where many Pakistani Celebrities show up and it is one of the biggest events and ceremonies of the Pakistan Film and Media Industry.

The PISA awards are categorized into many sections such as Most Entertaining Instagram Celebrity, Best Use Of Humour In Social Media, YouTuber Of The Year, Vlogger Of The Year, TikToker Of The Year, Bridal Couture Designer Of The Year, Brand Of The Year, Song Of The Year, Best Title Track/OST, Best Writer Best Director, Best TV Serial, Best TV Actor – Popular, Best TV Actress – Popular Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress etc and so on.

The PISA award ceremony went well On 5th of November 2021 Where many Stars and Celebrities appeared in Dubai and were awarded on the decision of the Voters and someway from the Judges.

PISA awards only focus on People who are creating entertainment in terms of Humour or Total Subscribers. Neglecting the whole community who is striving hard in uplifting the country business and industry by making content and videos on Social Media.

This clearly shows what actually PISA awards main focus is, The award categories speaks for itself. While on the other hand our neighbouring country India also gives awards to Celebrities and also content creators who are creating videos related to Tech, Cooking, DIY, Online Shopping, Car Reviews, Product Tutorials, Real Estate, Car Accessories Tutorials etc. Recently their Tech Guru was awarded in their Awards ceremony for creating useful content which is actually contributing to the society. Not every time bringing a smile on faces or making Dramas should be appreciated. There are many contents which help out people in solving the problem but they are never on the list. For example Many Content creators are making videos on Real Estate and giving great advice to beginners. Some are making motivational speeches . Some make Car Accessories and Product videos to make life easier. Like SehgalMotors.PK which is striving hard from a decade and uplifted the Car Accessories and Modification Business in Pakistan. 5 years ago no one ever thought of something like that. It was only seen in Japan or in Fast and the Furious Movies. They are making history and creating useful content for problem-solving products. But they are not even listed in the PISA awards as such a category is not even defined.

Majority of the Awarded people are either actors or only showing entertainment like dancing or monologues on Tiktok or Facebook. Best use of Humor? What kind of award is that? And how come Junaid Akram and Danish Ali were not Awarded. Were the voting and decision biased? Does our Country need this type of content to be appreciated more than the useful content? Content which includes abuses are also nominated since they have been voted and people like abusive negative stuff so this means PISA awards will be nominating those content writers without thinking about Quality standards and Ethics. There is Big difference in Thinking approach of such awards if we compare it with India. They are focusing on glamour just to become like Indian Awards but not even thinking about the future. Why are the content Creators who advise on CryptoCurrency listed? This clearly shows the hypocrisy of the management of PISA awards. If they really want everyone to admire and recognize it as a big Award ceremony, They must categorize more and more content creators Categories. This is What Depicts the Mental Approach of a Country and its people and their Focus.